CAI Introduces New Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer

January 31, 2011

Orange, CA (January 31, 2011) - California Analytical Instruments, Inc. announced today the new 600/6000 Series FTIR, which provides fast, continuous and stable analysis of virtually any gas which has an infrared absorption spectrum. Unlike other FTIR Analyzers, the 600 Series FTIR does not require liquid nitrogen thus eliminating the need to constantly fill LN2 dewars with associated safety and cost issues.

The standard 600 series FTIR offers high sensitivity with a long path multi-reflection gas cell (effective path length of 4.3 meters) and has the versatility to be heated to either 50°C or 191°C depending on the application.

The 600-SC FTIR offers a low volume/low flow system that is heated to 50°C. Flows can be as low as 50 sccm. Options include a fuel cell O2 sensor and an internal sample pump.


  • Low Cost of Acquisition and Operation
  • Proven, Rugged Interferometer with Gold Mirrors
  • Multi-Gas Capability
  • No Liquid Nitrogen Required
  • Resolution of 0.9 cm-1 to 128 cm-1
  • Heated Electro-polished 316 SS Sample Cell
  • 19 Year Laser Life
  • User-Replaceable Source Lasts 5 Years
  • Laptop Controlled with Opus Spectroscopy Software
  • Compact Size
  • Light Weight


  • Process Control
  • Stack Gases (CEM / MACT)
  • VOC Abatement / Scrubber Efficiency
  • Fermentation Monitoring
  • Vehicle Emissions
  • Ammonia Slip / SCR
  • Gas Purity
  • Agricultural Emissions



California Analytical Instruments, Inc. (CAI) based in Orange, California has been a premier supplier of quality gas analyzers and systems for use in industrial, environmental, process, health & safety, and automotive emissions measurement applications for over 25 years. CAI's goal is to provide innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions. We believe there is no substitute for personal attention to the product requirements and support needs of our customers. CAI utilizes technologies such as: Chemiluminescence, Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR), Flame Ionization Detection (FID), Paramagnetic, FTIR, and Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy (PAS) for measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, O2, CH4, SO2, SF6 and HCL gases. CAI’s computer controlled analyzers are currently installed in 1000s of facilities, in over 100 countries.

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