CAI Photometric (UV-VIS-NIR) Liquid Application Feasibility

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Application Information

* Please describe the application in a few brief sentences.

Process Stream Composition

* Please use this section to list all components found in your process stream. Check the box for each component you want CAI to analyze.

Analyze Component Min Max Normal Conc. / Units Dissolved Suspended Gaseous

Describe your sample when it is:

What level of accuracy do you require for your measurement?

* (i.e. compliance or process control purposes, or just a trend for breakthrough condition.)

General Process Information

Stating the process conditions will assist us in determining the best sample interface accessory for the application.

Parameter Min. Operating Max. Unit
pH value

Providing Samples to CAI

For some custom applications, CAI may require that you provide a representative sample for analysis. Sending a sample will help us specify the measure and reference wavelengths, and recommend the best sample accessories for your application. Sample size should be no more than 250mL each. Ideally, samples should represent the range of concentrations for the specific analyte present in the application along with a background sample.

Sample size should be no more than 250mL each.

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